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-====Places and travels====+====Places====
-The map shows locations of the texts of this wiki.+{{ fotos:kaarten:locatie.jpg?width=200}} Every place has a story and 
 +most stories are about places (and other things). One wants to travel 
 +to the things one reads about, that is how tourism started. Visiting 
 +places from books and stories often results in the more interesting 
 +trips. Trips to locations where you would not have travelled to and 
 +meeting people you would not have met normally
-<olmap id="olOverzicht" width="750px" height="450px" lat="0.0" lon="0.0" zoom="2" statusbar="1" controls="1" poihoverstyle="0" baselyr="openstreetmap" gpxfile="" kmlfile="en:sitemap.kml" geojsonfile="" summary="KML sitemap of this wiki" > +Stukjes over plaatsen{{topicen:place en:location en:travel}}
 {{geotag>lat:90.0, lon:0.0, hide}} {{geotag>lat:90.0, lon:0.0, hide}}
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