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2017/10/27 10:20 A mapping audio guide On many tourist spots in China you an rent an electronic audioguide. Some of these attractions have an extra cool guide, it shows a smal… , ,
2019/01/05 22:40 A personal map Over the years i have recorded my location during travels and holidays using satellite navigation receivers. It is nice to be able to see where… , ,
2018/08/15 11:04 Beidou, the chinese satnav system Since early 2013 the Chinese 北斗 (Beidou) satellite navigation system is operational. The coverage of the satellites still lim… , , ,
2020/03/15 20:13 Eise planet map In the city you do not see the night sky very well. Only the brightest stars are visible. And because you do not see the whole sky from betwee… , , ,
2019/03/19 10:24 The altimetry atlas When the World Wide Web was in its infancy i was working at Delft University of Technology on the processing of radar altimeter data. Usi… , ,
2019/03/01 15:48 Using Beidou in Europe Beidou (北斗) is presently aimed at China as a navigation system. You can receive 北斗 satellites fine outside China. But the network of gro… , ,
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